BPR October 2022 Newsletter - How to be Successful WHILE being Human

BPR October 2022 Newsletter - How to be Successful WHILE being Human

BPR October 2022 Newsletter - How to be Successful WHILE being Human

BPR October 2022 Newsletter - How to be Successful WHILE being Human

Imagine a world where we’re successful WHILE being authentically human? We can live a life that is thoughtful, empathetic, and a catalyst for organizing greater, more impactful realities that didn’t previously exist. We can ALSO create freedom and happiness, in whatever form that looks like for you, the spoils of your endeavors, to be enjoyed. Success.

Last month, we touched on what it takes to be a leader – the digging deep, getting out of our own way, behind the scenes hard parts many don’t see. This month, I invite you to soften into the human-ness of being the leader that both inspires and supports your people. It takes being vulnerable, creating a safe space for others to be heard and celebrated, and correcting course as needed, real time. Being transparent and open with our employees positively impacts performance and satisfaction, while creating stronger relationships. It begins with each of us actively leading by example. A change as simple as choosing to no longer beat ourselves up for what went wrong and instead allow in the grace to fail forward better, can have a transformative effect on how your team shows up and engages with each other and your customers (think more creativity and collaboration, less ego driven recognition).

Check out reads such as Radical Candor by Kim Payne or Deepak Chopra’s Soul of Leadership which talk simply, and powerfully on seeing and integrating our inherent human-ness (and those around us) as we build and lead more fulfilled and impactful organizations, communities and lives. In the meantime – this month’s newsletter celebrates those leaders that simultaneously rock success, authenticity and kindness. You’re loved by those around you and make it enjoyable to grow alongside this journey with you! For our greater community - check out best practices and resources for year-end below. And hit us up if there’s anything we can do for you.

- Jessica Hornbeck, CEO & The BPR Team
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Full-Year Accounting Update and Tax Prep

Reach out ASAP if you need to get your Accounting and Financials in order along with recommendations ahead of year-end for the 2022 tax filing season. Don’t wait until the last minute to get a handle on your numbers or moves that can save you money!

How To Have a Successful Year-End

Earlier this month, BPR hosted the Lunch and Learn on How To have a Successful Year-End, with the Vista Chamber of Commerce.


Hit us up for a 1hr one-on-one Consulting call on this topic! Or check out more top tips posted on social media!  





Best Practices

Prepare for Year-End

In addition to ensuring your Accounting is up to date, backup including client related receipts and statements are saved, here are a few tips to bring down your bottom line if you’re looking to reduce your tax liability.





Workplace Compliant Training

Speaking of safer and inclusive work environments, now is a good time to ensure compliance with sexual harassment training requirements for your company and employees.

In California employers must provide: (1) at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees; and (2) at least one hour of sexual harassment prevention training to all non-supervisory employees. The training must be provided once every two years.

Although not required, we also encourage Contractors that are a part of your team to take this training. A resource we like is EasyLlama.

Check out this read on the topic from HR Bartender for further education and stats on this very important workplace topic.


Register for the Headshots and Networking Event, HERE!


BPR Client Spotlight



Aaron Gobidas, Go Be Rewarded Inc. is one of our favorite CEOs because he leaves his ego at the door and genuinely cares for his team. Aaron’s ability to listen, collaborate and tweak as needed is the reason his team of young, creative professionals are the driving force behind this rapidly growing Vista based digital marketing company. Ask us for an intro for your online advertising or social media strategy.

Cash Flow, Capital Resources & Small Biz Topics

Accion Opportunity Fund
Low Interest rates for this small business loan program partnered with AMEX.
Link Here

Womens Net and Amber (Grants) - here's a list of 16 grants for women biz owners.
A list of 16 grants for women biz owners. 
Link Here

Restaraunt Disaster Relief Fund (Grants)
$10K relief grants available to local restaraunts affected by State or Federally declared disasters.
Link Here

Alibaba Manifesting Grant Program
For businesses with innovative physical products.
Link Here

Founders First Capital Partners
Prepares and invests in under-represented PoC and women owned businesses. Find out more info on their pitch contests, grants, and bootcamps.
Link Here

CDC Small Business Finance
An SBA lender, non-profit and advocate for entrepreneurs.
Link Here

QBO Capital
Offers short to long term financing tied to your QBO merchant account, fast, easy, capital based on what you process.
More Information
Schedule Link

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