Business Development & Strategy, Fractional CFO, and COO

Business Development & Strategy, Fractional CFO, and COO

Business Development & Strategy, Fractional CFO, and COO

Business Development & Strategy, Fractional CFO, and COO

Business Development & Strategy

The Grow Your Business option includes our base “Know Your Business” offering; Accounting and Bookkeeping + monthly Fractional CFO (Data) and/or COO (Process) support. Once we understand your pain points, we’ll begin dissecting, improving, and developing Financial and Operational workflows.


Optimizing and scaling a business requires a strategic game plan for growth, which are all services we provide in Grow Your Business, Coaching, CFO or COO platforms. We will customize our product for you that is prioritized and in line with key areas of focus – Vision/Strategy, Process, People, and Data. Let us take your already profitable business further, by setting the stage for capital access and tapping into our network/community for collaborative and synergistic alliances.

We are adept at brainstorming, talking through difficult situations, exploring opportunities, negotiation, and strategic business development; a guarantee we will leave you with a nugget after each interaction.

The first step in helping our clients is getting clear on their company’s vision, strategy, and culture, so that we can support them in finding the right people and placing them in the right seats. Once we understand pain points, we’ll be able to prioritize and begin next steps on digging into, improving, and developing Financial, Operational and People driven workflows. Our ongoing dialogue tied to accountability and alignment to Vision and Strategy drives results functionally, as well as more to your bottom line.

Fractional CFO

Outsourcing your CFO function to BPR is the cost-effective and efficient solution to securing decades strong, well-rounded expertise. We will lead and support you as we dig into scenario analysis, projections, budgeting, key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company and teams, to quick valuations and loan preparation. This service is included on our Grow Your Business services, as well as as Business Coaching, CFO, or COO platform.

​​​​​​​Our CFO support uses process and technology to understand the data, get clarity, and develop deeper analysis where needed. We’re adept at building out P&L reporting by the line of business, drawing up detailed projections for capital raises, or building out tripping points for hiring and growing your business further.

Fractional COO

As your Fractional COO, we will focus on all things Operations for efficiencies throughout your financial and process workflows and controls. We train and support your Teams along the way so that owners can continually delegate to their teams with confidence, freeing up space for Business Development and Sales. Our main goal is – Helping Business Owners Do and Make More in Less Time. This service is included in "Grow Your Business", Coaching, CFO, or COO support platform.

​​​​​​​Mantras we love and live by are Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, by putting the right people in the right seats. Becoming a BPR client means having access to resources, templates, and support to help you streamline how you and your people operate - from taking on customers to getting work done. Documentation, checks and balances, and accountability are terms you will enjoy employing as we help you scale your business.

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