February 2021 Recouping Credit Card Fees and Resources to Support Business Growth

February 2021 Recouping Credit Card Fees and Resources to Support Business Growth

February 2021 Recouping Credit Card Fees and Resources to Support Business Growth

February 2021 Recouping Credit Card Fees and Resources to Support Business Growth

We're excited to share resources this month that can help you add more to the bottom line as well as inspire you to take a bigger leap than you thought you were capable of. We'd love to hear from you if you would like to discuss and collaborate how to best leverage any of the below for your business.

- The Big Pic Results Team

How To Recoup Credit Card Fees

Merchant Fees and Surcharges - Merchant Fees are the cost charged by a Third-Party Vendor to process transactions paid for by credit cards, generally in the 3% range. Fees are typically a burden to the Business Owner unless passed through to the Customer as a Surcharge (prohibited in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas). However, you must notify credit card companies of your intention to charge Customers a surcharge.

The Do's & Don'ts of Successful Onboarding

Businesses become a well-oiled machine when we have the right people in the right seats. Effective Onboarding is a critical investment requiring time and the ability to evaluate where and how individuals fit the vision and culture of your company. Tune into this Team Onboarding Business Booster webinar and head over to our Team Onboarding blog post for the Downloadable Notes on helpful tips & tricks to help you grow your team for success.

SWOT Analysis for Your Business

SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. A SWOT Analysis of your business is a great way to identify what's working and what could use some streamlining. A SWOT Analysis, such as the one above, is a quick and easy tool to take an inventory of your business and help strategize a plan to set yourself up for growth and success. 

Interested in learning more on the SWOT Analysis and why it's important? We recommend tuning into SCORE's webinar, Business SWOT Analysis Fundamentals-An Easy Way to Ensure Your Business Succeeds. SCORE is an organization that offers mentoring and education for Small Businesses provided by volunteers and expert business mentors. There are tons of free workshops and on-demand courses available on SCORE'S website.

You Don't Need Guts, Just Take the Next Step!

Have you had something on your mind, that you really want to do but think that maybe you don't have what it takes? Or maybe you just don't think you have the time or the skill set? If you've had these thoughts than this video is for you! See article by our friend, Maggie Franklin-Shu on how to overcome your fears and take that next step.

Updates & Resources

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