BPR April 2023 Newsletter – Financial Literacy, Fear Not!

BPR April 2023 Newsletter – Financial Literacy, Fear Not!

BPR April 2023 Newsletter – Financial Literacy, Fear Not!

BPR April 2023 Newsletter – Financial Literacy, Fear Not!

Pretty sure you are shaking your head right now in agreement that yes, the thought of finances makes most of us cringe. Some of us go full on ostrich and bury our head in the sand. The reasons range from lack of access to that knowledge, insecurity, or most common – fear. I call bull** on the ‘NO FEAR’ mentality. Instead – acknowledge that primal feeling, and do that thing that scares you!

Thanks to necessity, I have gotten really good at doing things that scare me. First, baby steps, then stakes get progressively bigger and better. So do we – as long as we take that first step, and the countless others that follow. Twenty years ago, I sat in a stairwell calming a mild panic attack during MBA orientation weekend with dozens upon dozens of smart, accomplished young professionals I thought were far more qualified than I to be there. I sucked it up and got back in that room. Sometime later, I crashed and burned during a presentation of said MBA program, having to turn over the mike to my teammate. I laugh now – because, I not only get paid to speak today but I enjoy it and find fulfillment in it.

It’s not just about the work stuff. I’ve learned how to swim, climb and become a better skier in my 40s. I also JUST got over my fear of even looking at heavy machinery for worry that it might fall over and crush me. Check me out operating an excavator! That crazed smile is one I’ve been wearing for a long time and it’s my way through the fear those first few terrifying moments, which soon become less scary.

IF you’ve been that ostrich on your financials – trade in the mouthful of sand for doing better for yourself! April is Financial Literacy month, and we’ve pulled together resources below to help you with that first step. Please share as needed and hit us up if we can be of support.

Until Next Time, Jessica Hornbeck, CEO and BPR Team

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April 18th is still the IRS deadline to file for non-impacted states!

Retroactive ERTC
Employers may claim the 2020 ERTC until April 15, 2024, and the 2021 ERTC until April 15, 2025, up to three years after the original payroll taxes were due. We can help file (amended) Quarterly 941- X.  Even if you received the PPP, you may be eligible! 

Please note: Biden signed bill ending COVID-19 national emergency, which may impact these deadlines.

CFO (and COO/Operations) Advisory
We’ll give you clarity on the gaps and drivers of your business, build budget/projections, and customize ongoing metrics that keep you and your team accountable.  Now that it’s April, here’s a checklist of what to do:

BPR can help you tackle this checklist and get your personal and business taxes filed! 

Best Practices

How does your Business Health and Growth potential measure up?
Take control of the financial fitness of your business with Hello Alice's self-assessment. Take Hello Alice’s financial fitness assessment here to determine where your business stands, HERE! 

Financial Statements - stick to the basics!
The Top 3 Financial Statements are:

  • Profit and Loss Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow Statement

Check out BPR’s Financial Statement Quick Guide (HERE) to help with the lingo
Free templates available HERE to get your started building your own Financial Statements. Please note if you are using accounting software, you will be able to generate statements directly.

Our People Spotlight - Team, Clients & Partner

We are excited to welcome Controller Priscilla Pienasola to the BPR team! Priscilla is seasoned, sharp, and immediately jumped in on client initiatives - enabling BPR to continue to drive more value as a well-rounded and deeply experienced collective.

Cash Flow, Capital Resources & Small Biz Topics

Founders First National Kitty Fund: Helping Mom-Preneurs Grow Their Businesses.
Open until April 17th, 2023, this Monday. Apply HERE! 

Founders First Capital Partners prepares and invests in under-represented PoC and women owned businesses. Find out more info on their pitch contests, grants, and bootcamps HERE. 

Hello Alice’s Small Business Growth Fund 
$5k-$25k grants to provide entrepreneurs the capital they need to make their next move. Open through April 21, 2023, apply HERE! 

Accion Opportunity Fund
Low interest rates for this small business loan program partnered with AMEX. LINK HERE

CDC Small Business Finance
An SBA lender, non-profit and advocate for entrepreneurs LINK HERE

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