Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once we engage services, who are we working with, and reaching out to?

  • Client Onboarding – Meet your dedicated Accounting Team, get setup on our systems. It’s important to get your Client Next Steps completed ahead of time for a successful onboarding.

  • Management Team (pls add to your Contacts and remove from SPAM), you will receive regular communications from:

  • Accounting Team – comprised of Controllers, Bookkeepers, Accounting Support. You will be introduced to your dedicated support team during your Client Onboarding call.

  • Advisory Consulting Services – based on needs and stage of your business, we will coordinate strategically integrated support across HR and Payroll, Tax, Project Mgmt, Mktg either in house or with one of our top notch and values aligned partners – so that your business is efficient and cohesive, driving more to the bottom line.

There are SO many Accounting and Bookkeeping firms out there! What makes BPR different?

  • BPR is a STRATEGIC Business Development Company that operates similar to Private Equity firms/consultants – without you worrying about losing control of your company! BPR has your business’ best interest and works with CEO and their Teams to make your company more valuable, efficient, and effective.

  • Refer to our Business Model one pager to understand how we help across Process, People, and Data so that you are Making MORE in LESS Time (and effort)!

  • You will have access to proprietary road maps, tools, and templates that are proven, easy to understand and put into play immediately for your company.

What are the benefits of outsourcing or contracting out these functions? To BPR?

  • We all know that good entrepreneurs focus on what they do well and outsource the rest! Outsourcing at a fraction of the cost is a brilliant solution to keep lean, transferring the burden of managing people and retention off your plate, and drive maximum ROI for your business – because you are taking advantage of our depth of experience and expertise. Our team has decades long experience in corporate financial operations, accounting, and strategy.

  • BPR takes it one step farther – because we get to know what’s going on via the Data (your Financials) and are uniquely positioned to design and implement strategic, value add processes and solutions. This is our mission to help you Make and Do More in Less Time! Our Corporate Reporting approach is direct, accurate, and proactive.

  • Accounting – Salaries range from $45k-$57k for Bookkeepers, too much a burden and capacity for most companies to justify. BPR maintains annual QBO ProAdvisor certifications and stays in the know with IRS and GAAP best practices. We also pride ourselves on providing audit proof financials.

  • CFO – Most small businesses with $100k plus benefits, etc. Typical outsourced CFO engagements are $5k-$7k per month. You always have the option to add more Consulting hours to our Grow Your Business packages that start with 2 Consulting hours/month. Because of the thorough financial analysis you can expect in your reporting, plus the templates and resources shared on your secure drive, we trust this option yields the ROI you are looking for.

  • COO – Focused on Operations, small businesses can justify an in-house FT COO IF they can afford it. Average salaries in California >$130k. We think most growing companies <50 employees, can effectively outsource this function (hourly rates range $175-$250+) so long as the commitment to adhere to best practices and processes is held.

  • HR – Most companies, also <50 employees, do not need a FT HR professional or a high monthly fee for ‘consulting’ when many months that may not be utilized. BPR gives you the option of remaining compliant and in the know without a significant cost burden.

  • Project Management - BPR can get you up and running in a fraction of the time it would take for you and your company to learn and design an effective system to manage your team. Learn from our experience – we will share what works and what doesn’t!

What are the various Services BPR offers?

  • BPR Services are either Accounting only (Compliance or Know Your Business) or Accounting PLUS Advisory (Grow Your Business). We offer several tiers depending on needs, stage of your business, and your desire to make and do more in less time!

  • Know Your Business – Accounting basics, reporting depends on needs and budget.

  • Grow Your Business – A BPR Fractional COO or CFO on your Team will meet with you either biweekly or weekly, develop strategy, implement analysis and build in accountability.

  • Refer to BPR Process Model one pager for how we can help CEOs of growing companies.

What are the Advisory Services BPR offers?

  • We offer Fractional CFO, COO, HR, and Project Management support without the burden of typical costs, management, resource development. BPR will work with you to develop strategy, provide resources, templates, and ongoing support.

  • CFO – Chief Financial Officer, will leverage our timely and GAAP compliant Financials to build out Cash Flow (Financing and Capital) and multi-Year Projections, Profitability Analysis by line of business, KPIs for you and your Teams, Budget, and Audit Proof Financial Controls.

  • COO – Chief Operating Officer, will work with you to understand, improve, and control your company’s Operations, Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Workflows so that more is flowing to the bottom line.

Reporting – what can I expect and when? How can I ensure I receive Financials timely?

  • You can expect timely and accurate, GAAP and IRS compliant Financial Reporting by or around the 15th of each month – for BOTH Know Your Business and Grow Your Business options.

  • If you want reporting sooner – let’s talk!

  • Communications

    • You will be notified if anything is missing or required to complete Financials no later than the 5th of the month. Also, once reporting packages are saved, you will receive confirmation via email from with links as well as a list of open items, if applicable.

    • Our team will predominantly reach out via email and phone, but will never ask for information via email or text to protect your sensitive information from scammers. All files will be shared and requested via your ShareFile secure drive, only.

    • We will ONLY use text to prompt you and bring your attention to an urgent email communication OR if we need you to forward a code to obtain access to financial accounts.

Does BPR track hours? What happens if it takes longer than expected? Or under?

  • BPR tracks all time spent for our Clients by Task and reviews the data every month.

  • Budgeted Hours – BPR will confirm your Monthly Budgeted Hours, for the Accounting Team (Know Your Biz) and Advisory Services (CFO, COO, all other Consulting) on Business Agreements PRIOR to beginning work. Hours based on starting rates for Know Your Business = 6hrs/mth Accounting Team and Grow Your Business = 10hrs/mth Accounting.

  • Change Orders – any change to Scope of Work >20% will result in a REVISED Scope of Work, eCheck Authorization and monthly billing. Good news is we track hours vs Budget on a rolling 4mths basis. We also consider hours UNDER Budget and will apply vs OVERAGES in future months. Only consistently and significant (>20%) hours over budget will be billed and we will always communicate ahead of time!

  • Rush or Wknd Work – Short notice or rush work, and weekend work requested by Client will results in a change order and additional billing, depending on nature/complexity of request.

Managing Expectations and what else do I need to know?

  • If we have not received answers on open items, only Preliminary Financials will be saved to your secure drive and answers updated for the following month.

  • You will be notified of any accounting or workflow recommendations essential to maintaining the integrity of your books and reporting, as well as streamline efficiency and accuracy.

  • CFO/COO mtgs – you are welcome to book these monthly through year-end via our live Calendly links, for our Grow Your Business clients.

QBO – What should I be doing or not doing? Anything else I should know?

  • We recommend that you leave the Accounting and Bookkeeping function to our Team. BPR adheres to GAAP best practices that is also in line with IRS convention, making it a breeze to turn over Yearend Financials to CPAs.

  • Banking and Bookkeeping – do NOT categorize your transactions, that’s BPR’s responsibility.

  • Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) – let’s discuss and come up with the best game plan for your biz. BPR can design the best workflow, train your team as needed, or take this off your plate.

  • Clients responsible for QBO subscription, costs based on Intuit’s subscription level.

Yearend – 1099s, Taxes, I don’t know what to do or just don’t want to do it, help!

  • 1099s – Included for Grow Your Business Clients joining prior to the 2nd half of the year. We will e-file these at an additional $25/1099. We will work with you to ensure Vendor W9s on file and save all backup on your secure drive.

Got it, makes sense! How do we get started?

  • Onboarding Docs – we will send your way: Services Agreement, Intake Form and EAuthorization for monthly recurring billing.

  • Project Retainer – required upfront PRIOR to BPR beginning your Project.

  • Onboarding Call – obtain credentials, systems access, and talk through so you know exactly what to expect. This call will be recorded for your reference.

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