Last 2023 Newsletter– Reflect, Integrate, and LET THAT SHIT GO!

Last 2023 Newsletter– Reflect, Integrate, and LET THAT SHIT GO!

Last 2023 Newsletter– Reflect, Integrate, and LET THAT SHIT GO!

Last 2023 Newsletter– Reflect, Integrate, and LET THAT SHIT GO!

Last month, gratitude was top of mind. This month, it’s reflection on all of 2023 – the goals we crushed, the goals we missed, and the fun had in between. Because, if you’re not having fun along the way, you are doing it wrong... And oh my, was I doing it wrong for a very long time... 

The blackboard below, from our kitchen wall, is one we use often – for our priority of fun (those are our 2023 travel spots!), and our priority of continuously growing and getting better at this game called life. With life, business, and personal goals – there are usually 3 layers or levels. There’s the best case (the top line labeled goals), the worst case where we fail miserably (the bottom line), and somewhere in between, where we usually end up. Embrace the ebb and flow, as contraction is necessary for expansion, and you can’t rise up without having been down. And for the things that don’t go your way, or that you can’t control, let my laptop sticker be that dose of humor and truth that we all need as a reminder from time to time.

- Jessica and the BPR team



Services, Tax & Legal Updates

2023 Tax Preparation / Filing, and NEW Retirement Contribution Limits!

  • You have time to reduce your bottom line and protect owner Income until this year’s tax filing deadline, April 15, 2024.

  • Due to inflation and cost of living increases, the IRS has increased 2023 contribution limits (vs 2022) including catch up contributions for those > Age 50

  • Check out this helpful read that sums it up, and hit us up if you need help filing or pulling together accounting to get you there. 


Legal - 2024 California Employer/Employee Changes take effect January 1st

Legal – NEW Legal Requirement, re: Corporate Transparency Act

  • Business Owner Information (BOI) required on LLC members

  • Effective January 1, 2024, or face fines $150/day

  • BPR can help you file! 



IT Reminder -  Stay Vigilant Against Phishing Attacks!

  • Phishing: Deceptive attempts by malicious individuals to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, payment details, company data.  

  • Be wary of unexpected or suspicious emails.

  • Be cautious with email attachments.

  • Protect Personal Information.

  • Use Strong, Unique Passwords.

  • Report Suspicious Emails.

  • HERE's our template for you to use as you’d like!


HR (Psychology) - Enneagram and the 9 Basic Personality Types

  • Understanding (and managing) self and our people is key to success at all levels and will help you navigate the contractions just as well as the expansions.

  • HERE's a FREE test!

  • Learn how the system works, from Enneagram Institute, HERE

Social Impact - How We Do Good

This section highlights how BPR gives back to the community every month, driven by our commitment to women and historically underrepresented entrepreneurs.

AD Magellan Inc. - Continuing Financial Literacy Education for Employees
We are picking up the conversation later this month, focusing on the decision to rent or buy (Autos, Home), and all the tradeoffs to consider. Let us know if your company would benefit from our unique (and needed) retention strategy via financial literacy and empowerment!


Our People Spotlight - Team, Clients & Partners

In addition to Professional/Commercial Liability and Business Owner’s Insurance, is your company protected in the event of principals’ death with Key Man/Life Insurances?

Let us know if you’d like an intro to our friend TJ at Shorebreak Insurance to discuss policies (and payouts) that can enable you to hire a new CEO or COO without compromising future cash flows.

Cash Flow, Capital Resources & Small Biz

Topics EmployABILITY Business Grant The EmployABILITY Business Grant offers small- and medium-sized businesses in California the opportunity to grow their businesses and upgrade their hiring. More information HERE.

Hello Alice - The American Dream Awards

The American Dream Awards spotlight small businesses that epitomize the modern American Dream through innovative solutions, outstanding community contributions, and commitment to sustainable business practices. More information HERE.

NASE Growth Grants

More information HERE

Hello Alice – Get the Money You Need to Grow Your Business, Grants, Loans, and Credit Cards

More information HERE

Amber Grant for Women

WomensNet proudly giving away at least $30,000 every month in Amber Grant money. More information HERE.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

Courses, events, grant opportunities - more info HERE

Founders First Capital Partners 

Prepares and invests in under-represented PoC and women owned businesses. Find out more info on their pitch contests, grants, and bootcamps HERE

Our CEO, Jessica Hornbeck enjoys being a subject matter expert on Financial Statements and KPIs, presenting to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania cohort next week.

Novo simple business banking saves you time and money, up to $3,000 in perks

More information HERE.

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