May 2021 Newsletter Build Lasting Partnerships with Integrity and Leveling Up Your Business

May 2021 Newsletter Build Lasting Partnerships with Integrity and Leveling Up Your Business

May 2021 Newsletter Build Lasting Partnerships with Integrity and Leveling Up Your Business

May 2021 Newsletter Build Lasting Partnerships with Integrity and Leveling Up Your Business

Integrity is one of our Core Values and we make it a priority to operate this way. Honesty and transparency ensure we are in alignment, it is our compass on how we do business. From the talented people on our Team, to our Clients, who share our inspiration for continuous improvement (among freedom and growth!), through to our greater community and tribe - our Core Values are front and center allowing us all to do and be MORE in LESS time. 

We are committed to ethical business practices and value partnerships with those businesses and organizations that share this passion. We encourage our Clients and colleagues to engage with companies that align with their Core Values as well, cultivating a mutually beneficial and long lasting partnership.

Have questions on how to create these types of partnerships and synergies in your organization? Please reach out!

- The Big Pic Results Team

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We are proud to announce our recent accreditation with the Better Business Bureau! Our Core Values align with the BBB Accreditation Standards to: Tell the Truth, Be Transparent, Honor Promises, and Be Responsive. These are all the things you can expect when working with our team! Is your company in alignment with the BBB's standards? Get accredited here

Ready for a hands-on, interactive experience that levels up how you show up in YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR RESULTS?

Join us for a 2-day online workshop retreat for women entrepreneurs! Jessica will be speaking on what financial health looks like and how to get it. This online workshop retreat is NOT A SIT AND LISTEN ONLINE EVENT!

During this online workshop retreat, we'll:

  • Pinpoint critical areas in your business that are keeping you from earning the income you deserve 

  • Get your mind in line and on board with your BIG, BOLD vision so you make vital changes faster and easier

  • Cut through the clutter to get to the core of what really lights you up

  • Leave with a focused action plan in hand with key steps to take to expand with confidence and courage

  • Gain key practices to simplify and prioritize so you build positive and profitable momentum quickly

  • Get expert guidance on exactly what you need to do to reach your next level

  • Learn real-time strategies and tools to serve more clients and make more money

  • Form deep connections and relationships where honesty, integrity and respect reign over arbitrary rules and expectations

Get your tickets while the early bird price is still available! Discount ends June 30th. 


Looking for further guidance for managing your team and operations? Tune in here to our webinar on Operations Assessment and Process Alignment. We dive into what it takes and how to get there!

Workers Comp and Insurances - Review and Q & A

We are excited to partner up with our friend, TJ Jeremiah of Shorebreak Insurance Services on a cost savings review for our Clients. We're digging into a lot of juicy topics - ABC Law and red flags, Compliance and Optimization, which will be saved down as "quick guides" to our Resources library at the end of this month. If you're a Client stay tuned for a more detailed announcement.

Updates & Resources

  • PPP - Funds have been exhausted except for community financial institutions, primarily serving minority borrowers. If your application has already been approved your loan will fund.

  • IRS changes Meals to be 100% deductible until January 1, 2023 (up from 50% to address damage to Restaurants in revenue losses)

  • EIDL Loan Increases - Increased loan amounts announced. For more information and instructions on how to request an EIDL loan increase read here

  • Hello Alice - a business building resource to connect you to grants perfect for your business

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