November 2022 Newsletter – Embracing The Teachers All Around Us

November 2022 Newsletter – Embracing The Teachers All Around Us

November 2022 Newsletter – Embracing The Teachers All Around Us

November 2022 Newsletter – Embracing The Teachers All Around Us

Last month we touched on leadership that can be both successful and vulnerable. The ability to be open and real with your people clearly is a catalyst for engagement, empowerment and more productive, successful teams and organizations. This ability comes to those who are able to push ego to the side and leave judgment at the door. Be hungry for knowledge and ready to be pleasantly surprised by the many life experiences and teachers (people, relationships) that come across your path. You can’t do that if you’ve already made up your mind!

We are all different and come with different gifts. Look deeper and without the systemic programming clouded lens that only productive, professional, financially successful, etc. folks are the ones that matter. What can we benefit by looking past the things that divide us and instead embrace the knowledge, intuition and wisdom inherit to the young, old, poor, smart, silly person, etc.? I say pick up all the nuggets along the way in the effort of making yourself as well rounded and grounded as possible. Lean on others and take comfort in the fact that it takes a team and a village to grow something bigger and richer than what is. By doing all of the above, we make tremendous impact.

We all have a lot to learn and to quote Michael Franti & Spearhead in this vibrant song that reminds us to embrace just that - “It seems that everywhere I go, the more I see, the less I know.”

Enjoy, shake a leg, and hit us up if there’s anything we can do for you!

- Jessica Hornbeck, CEO & The BPR Team

Services & End Of Year Reminders

Holiday Reminders – We’re excited for some quality time with loved ones and hope you are too! BPR will be closed for business December 20th through January 2nd, 2023.  Our last day for taking on any new clients this year is December 10th.

Full Year Accounting Update and Tax Prep – reach out ASAP if you need to get your Accounting and Financials in order along with recommendations ahead of year-end for the 2022 tax filing season. Don’t wait until the last minute to get a handle on your numbers or moves that can save you money!

Accountant, Clean-up Expert & Rockstar – we’re celebrating 2  years working with Sarah Williams!
Sarah is our go to on Accounting Best Practices for Construction, Prof Svcs, Retail, oversees Client Cleanups, helps us continuously improve process and client techstack. She’s exceptionally clear and organized in all of her communications, making it easy for our Clients to know what they need to know and do.  Sarah sets the standard high and we enjoy growing our company with her! 

ShoreBreak Insurance
Speaking of Construction, our friend TJ Jeremiah of Shorebreak Insurance, confirmed a saving of 30% or $200k on a Workers Compensation policy for a local San Diego based Construction company! Insurance reviews are ongoing for Clients so let us know if we can help you!

Best Practices
BPR is unique in that we holistically bring accounting and biz development under one massive value proposition. Bookkeeping is actually how we got this business started over ten years ago and we’re thrilled to report that Big Picture Results Inc. has been nominated for the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practice Awards for 2022.  The criteria weights how intentional, specialized, efficient, effective, profitable, and scalable accounting practices are.

Cash Flow, Capital Resources & Small Biz Topics
SCORE Veteran Entrepreneurs Resources

On Veterans Day, we take time to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans make up an important part of the small business community. They make up 8% of the population, but own 9.2% of all American businesses. SCORE is dedicated to helping veterans translate military skills into business success.

Hello Alice's Choose the Right Capital Guide

Accion Opportunity Fund
Low interest rates for this small business loan program partnered with AMEX.

Womens Net and Amber (Grants) - here's a list of 16 grants for women biz owners
A list of 16 grants for women biz owners.

Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund (Grants)
$10k relief grants available to local restaurants affected by State or Federally declared disasters.

Founders First Capital Partners
Prepares and invests in under-represented PoC and women owned businesses.  Find out more info on their pitch contests, grants, and bootcamps:  HERE

CDC Small Business Finance
An SBA lender, non-profit and advocate for entrepreneurs:

QBO Capital  Offers short to long term financing tied to your QBO merchant account, fast, easy, capital based on what you process.
More Information: HERE
Schedule Link: HERE

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