October 2020 The Latest on How Big Picture Results Drives Value for Our Community

October 2020 The Latest on How Big Picture Results Drives Value for Our Community

October 2020 The Latest on How Big Picture Results Drives Value for Our Community

October 2020 The Latest on How Big Picture Results Drives Value for Our Community

Change can be hard and often uncomfortable, yet it must be embraced for forward growth and momentum. Building in time for pause and reflection is also necessary for those creative juices to flow, leading to what otherwise wouldn't be possible. 

The team at Big Picture Results walks the talk! After an intentional respite from our monthly newsletter blasts, team development and of course some fun - we're back bigger and better with some exciting updates just in time for Q4 2020!

-The BigPic Results Team

We've got a new look and we can't wait for you to see it. Find out about the many services that we have to offer, schedule a time for business strategy or meet our stellar team. 

A BIG shout out to GoBe Rewarded for curating a fantastic website that reflects our business so well! They were great to work with and delivered above and beyond our expectations.

Our NEW Service! - Tax Preparation & Strategy

We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Class Advisors and now offer streamlined, comprehensive tax preparation and tax strategy for our business owner clients and their personal needs. Schedule a time to discuss your tax plan here


We continue to grow the BPR team with highly skilled talent that aligns with our Company Values (ask us how you can do this too!)

David Martin, Client CFO, Controller and CPA is an outsourced CFO delivering value through impactful financial management solutions, strategic vision, and a relationship-driven approach. Active CA CPA since 1996.

Michelle Blanchard, Bookkeeper, has over twenty years of Accounting and Bookkeeping experience and is adept at company setups, historical cleanups and QB Desktop conversions.

Updates & Resources:

D6 Summit Presentation: Three Things Business Owners Should Know - Tune in to this informative half hour presentation led by our Founder and President, Jessica Hornbeck  for the D6 Business Summit in early August. If you want to learn more about D6 Small Business, check out their site here

Upcoming Hera Hub Business Booster on 10/28 @11am "Know Your Numbers to drive Business Success!" - Look out for this! This webinar will be posted to our website following the workshop!

BPR Team Offsite Q4 2020 - We just wrapped up our Team Q4 2020 Offsite a week ago and touched on a Professional Development topic that we can always use as a reminder to drive some meaningful internal self dialogue as it did for us! Check out our worksheet to help evaluate How You Spend Your Time vs Desired Goals

Personal Development - Real Talk and Goal Setting
Personal Development - Mindset and How To Tools

Are you ready to grow your business?

Join Jessica Hornbeck, Finance & Operations Consultant, during her GURU Hours the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from noon-1pm. GURU Hours are like office hours via Zoom, it's free one-on-one mentoring from the expert! Bring your questions and let Jessica walk you through the next steps to building the business you've always dreamed of. Follow the links below to join.....

Schedule GURU Hours


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