Team Onboarding - Business Booster with Hera Hub

Team Onboarding - Business Booster with Hera Hub

Team Onboarding - Business Booster with Hera Hub

Team Onboarding - Business Booster with Hera Hub

Check out Founder and President of BPR, Jessica Hornbeck's business booster with Hera Hub  on how to ease up a business' team onboarding process!

Team Onboarding Notes

Common Problems and Costs

  • Difficulty finding good candidates 

  • Hiring is time consuming and cumbersome (document collection, verifications) 

  • Hiring and Training costs 

  • Retention and Churn 

  • Morale and Engagement 

  • Branding Strategy 

  • Hinders Growth 

Pre-Boarding: How to Avoid Common Problems AND Keep it Legal!

  • Job Posting – Specific and detailed, including Company Vision, etc. Outline must haves vs nice to haves.   

  • Leverage quality hiring platforms such as Indeed or LinkedIn 

  • QUALIFY candidates with VARIOUS steps! 

  • Questions on experience and comfort level with required software, technologies, tools, 

  • Tests 

  • Assignments – use fun phrases to ensure they are paying attention, following instructions 

  • Video Interview 

  • Offer Letter – contingent on background check 

  • Background check 

  • If you complete the background check first without an offer you are in violation of The Fair Chance Act. 

On-Boarding: Steps and Do’s and Don’t’s 

  • Employment Docs – W4, I-9, Banking info, Personal info, Tax info, Payroll Fed and State forms/notices, Offer Letter 

  • Independent Contractor Docs – W9, Contact info, Tax info (EIN or DBA), Agreement 

  • On-boarding call 

  • Employee Handbook highlights 

  • Verify I-9 

  • Onboarding Summary and Workflow Review 

  • Company Org Chart, Roles 

  • Payroll, Reimbursements 

  • Systems, Technology 

  • Reporting Timeline 

  • Internal Checklists and Resources 

  • Employee Handbook – questions, review, to be signed 

  • Work to be assigned 

  • Review and Q&A on Onboarding Summary 

What’s Next - Operations and Strategy

  • Processes 

  • People in the right roles 

  • Metrics – ie., Budget Hours, Goals 

  • Accountability on deliverables 

  • Long term vision and alignment 

  • Competitive Comp and Incentives 

  • Health Insurance 

  • Bonuses 

  • Profit Sharing 

  • 401k Match 




Good on-boarding will make a world of difference, time must be spent on strategy and ensuring new hires are in alignment with Company’s vision, goals, mission, culture, and ethics. Interviews/Interviewers must be clear on the above and able to evaluate a good fit. 

Good Onboarding SAVES you time and headache and must be looked at as an upfront investment. 

Put the right people on the right seats (brief on values, and skills, candid convo on goals) 

Most of the hiring sites have free options that work great! To ensure that your listings gets plenty of views/recognition/applications make sure that the listing title is clear and the listing description includes key terms and concise language.  

Make sure to have a clear explanation of the position on the listing. People will be less likely to take the time to apply if the job description is unclear. Do not be afraid to include salary, benefit information, essential duties, etc. Also, you could briefly include information about the company's background and other important company details. For example, we explain in our listing how we support women, working parents, stay at home moms/dads, and retired individuals. 

Download Onboarding Notes

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